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Successful Design & Development through Reverse Engineering with Analysis.

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Welcome to Next Gen Benchmarking

We strongly believe that working with extraordinary Benchmarking data will lead to remarkable output on product design in terms of market Requirements. But doing the Benchmarking in the traditional teardown approach can’t meets the expectation always.

That’s the point “Resox Automotive India Private Ltd” was established with the objective of providing the next generation independent Benchmarking services & support to automotive manufacturers & supplier for the unique product & process.

Our Team constantly working on the process of innovating the world class Benchmarking practice using the latest engineering technology around the world for future automotive requirements. With our in depth & focused automotive domain experienced team members, it’s always possible for us to meets the customer’s expectation.

If you’re still doing the traditional Benchmarking for your performance against your competitors, you’re just playing with yourself.

See it. Think it. Redesign it.

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